I wouldn’t suggest taking such a trip during monsoon season, there is a reason why the only ferry to Koh Lipe May-Oct is from Pak Bara. It may be wet in August, but the weather won’t be significantly different than Penang, so I wouldn’t make that the reason for not going. How is best to make the trek to resort from ferry? I would recommend for sure go to Sunrise Beach restaurant several times, best Penang curry every. If you ask us the best time to visit Koh Lipe is January through March. The cheapest way would be to probably fly from China to Bangkok and then book the Air Asia package to Hat Yai where you get a shuttle to the ferry and ferry to Koh Lipe. I go back on vacation every couple of years since This year we are flying just after Christmas into Bangkok, planning to spend a couple of nights in Chiang Mai (including over NYE), then we were planning to come down the Andaman Sea side, flying out of Kuala Lumpur on 13/01. Thanks for the great guide! Any recommendations? Thanks for introducing us to Koh Lipe, we’ll certainly make this one of the stops now. We can’t wait to come to Koh Lipe – you make it sound so wonderful. There are so many good places… If you are feeling adventurous you can Kayak to Koh Kra the small uninhabited islands just in front of Koh Lipe on a deserted beach. Koh Lipe features a handful of budget and mid-range resorts, located on Sunset Beach, Sunlight Beach and Pattaya Beach. Let me know when you find it and if you have any other Koh Lipe questions. Hoping to have great new year there. On land, you can trek all around the island – it takes roughly one hour – and discover the lush tropical vegetation and its fauna at your pace. We paid 1500 baht ($45USD) for the day and little more if you go further out. Folks (80 yo) really wish to make the trip. We use AIS and had no problem getting 4G the whole time. Hi, I’ll be traveling to Thailand in December, visiting Koh Lipe. Let me know if you have any other questions. I was wondering which one to choose. The boat ride will be a bumpy getting to/from the island. Thanks Adam. Elle est située à la frontière du parc marin national de Tarutao, au Sud de Koh Adang et Koh Rawi et environ 20 de km de Koh Tarutao. Join now to collect 10 nights, get 1 free*, Privacy guidelines This is the best way to find the beach that is right for you and stumble upon some local restaurants & bars. What would be your recommendation if budget allowed? I know you said you did a private tour, but wondering what section you did and how pleased you were. If you are looking for a luxury hotel look no further. Jealous you were in Koh Lipe. Thank you! Low season, also known as the green season, runs from May to October. Safe travels. Awesome guide guys! Free peanuts at the bar, beers are reasonably priced 70 small Chang. You can either walk or jump in a cart thing with a moped taxi drive (that’s what we do). We’ve spent well over a month on Koh Lipe between multiple trips over the last 5 years. Would we have to “ferry our way” to the other islands? “8 Mile Rock”, ‘Yong Hua Shipwreck’, ‘Sting Ray City’, ‘Hin Takorn Dukong’, and ‘Stonehenge’ are just a few of the most famous dive points in the area. Can’t wait the trip ! Please let us know how your trip is, we are planning to return in November! Book this on the beach with the locals as opposed thru your hotel, I mean you can get prices from them and if they are in the 1500-2000 baht for private boat then that’s good but if they quote you higher just book it on the spot on the beach . Enjoy Ko Lipe! Hotels are much more spread out on Sunrise Beach compared to Pattaya Beach, there are several restaurants and a few beach bars that mainly operate during the day. We will be updating this guide and we are writing additional articles. Great place during low season. hi, pls let me know if i go monsoon season , it is danger0us? ahaha ; ) And Air asia is the best way to solve everything together from bangkok to koh lipe? Thanks again for all your great and fantastic informations. Hi! Thanks for sharing!! Most Koh Lipe resorts and ferry to Koh Lipe tickets will be fully booked months in advance. Make reservations for On the Rocks crazy views and not too pricey, I’d go between 12-3 for great views and I am sure at night its super relaxing too. Book a private long tail right on Sunrise Beach at the boat taxi stand. I will arrive in Bangkok and will stay around 3 days – thanks for the 3 days in BKK info – after that I am planing to go Koh Lipe, a friend told me about it. Hi Hannah and Adam We have been to thailand one time A year for the last 10 years ?? Let us know if you have any other questions. You are going to love it! Along with lots of bars to check out if you want to be out till the wee hours. Or best to find somewhere else that time of year? Are you on Air Asia’s flight? Congrats on the Honeymoon, Thailand is a great option! Anyway, good thins I found our before I confirm the flight!! If you’ve been traveling around Asia and craving a burger then give it a go. We just spent 2 weeks on the island so this guide is going to get a full facelift and updated for 2017 Koh Lipe trips. Do you have a day trip recommendation that includes some hiking? the fast boat stops near the akira hotel? We enjoy the smaller islands around Phuket much more, like Koh Phi Phi or even smaller islands around there. Also, any idea what the weather at the end of June would be like? des mon arrivé sur koh lipe, j'ai été agreablement surpris par la couleur de l'eau, vraiment magnifique, le cadre est absolument fantastique , une carte postale. Can’t wait! We always buy the AirAsia package that includes our flights, shuttle, and tickets. We had a few questions: 1. This video was mainly shot with a DJI Phantom Pro drone. Recently a fourth trip is being offered called a Plankington trip with an afternoon snorkel and swim with tBioluminescentent Plankington at night. I read somewhere in all of my research there are taxi’s that could take you from Pak Bara to Railei. The trains from Bangkok to Hat Yai takes 15 hours. Just curious why would you be ferrying round trip to Koh Lanta? Glad we could answer your Koh Lipe Thailand questions. Book a flight with Air Asia and do the island transfer (flight, shuttle, ferry) that way everything is on one ticket. The only mistake I did is booking the hotel now and its costing so much. I think Koh Lipe would be great for you. Koh Lipe offers amazing beach holiday adventure for any traveler. They have tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas, enchiladas, etc. Think after NYE we’ll head from Chiang Mai to Phuket -> Koh Lanta -> Koh Lipe -> Langkawi -> KL for our 2 weeks down the Andaman Sea side. A family get together is in the pipeline for 2017/18-Dec/Jan. it’s very useful! Thanks. A couple of places that I would also suggest you might want to try when you are back are: OMG’s – fantastic food, atmosphere and really great people. So glad you are heading to Koh Lipe, If you thought Zanzibar was gorgeous wait until you see Koh Lipe. I just saw the schedule and now I have to change all my schedule. Koh Samui is on the opposite side so I’d look at which island is easier to fly there from Hat Yai or Langkawi the nearest airports to Koh Lipe or Krabi nearest airport to Koh Lanta. We have considered Ao Nang, Phuket, Koh Lanta and just now have come across Koh Lipe, but it sounds super interesting and exactly fitting to the type of people we are and activities we want to do. 600m de Centre ville 600m de Military Camp. We miss it too, we use to live there and haven’t been in over a year. The recent development of the island brought a certain improvement in the types of cuisine at Koh Lipe. 1.5 hours southwest of Hangzhou which is 2 hours southwest of Shanghai. As a rough estimate, I would probably plan on 750 Bhat per person for mid-range meals for the day per person (all meals). Trekking in Koh Lipe also gives you a chance to reach small beaches which will make you feel like Robinson Crusoe. The bars and venues mentioned above are just a few examples of what you can find at Koh Lipe in the matter of night entertainment. We will remember our time there even when we our 103. You never know when you’ll need it. We can really recomend Koh Lanta, an Island with not so many tourist ? Adang Island National park is closed in October, the resort is also closed. I was thinking about Ko Lipe and how to go about it. The cheapest place to buy liquor or beer isn’t at 7 eleven, many of the mom and pop shops are much cheaper. Facilities: king-size beds, AC, TV/DVD, fridge, sofa bed, wifi, beach towels, private balcony, and breakfast. I would suggest 5 days to 1 week on Koh Lipe. A large area is roped off for snorkeling between the shore and Koh Usen. Hi Hannah, We’re staying at the Lipe Power Beach Resort on Sunrise Beach – do you ‘know’ it? Hands down our favorite restaurant on the island and in the world. We’ll bookmark this for when we’re back down South. Doable for sure…but it might calm nerves to know about it ahead of time. If I book transportation back to back, I’m afraid we’ll run into delays and they’ll take off without us.. would you recommend back to back transfers from the airport to the pier to the island? What other island will you recommend for our remaining 3 or 4 days? Did you end up doing Program 1 or 2? This is great to know! But now I have a goal for next year’s vacation. online or on the spot? What kind of things should i expect to see and do from that program? You can do any of the routes on Koh Lipe with a private boat, just tell them you want to do a private program 1 tour and even with two people it’s only a little more expensive, the main difference is it doesn’t include lunch, but honestly the food one the package tours isn’t very good anyways. We are not visiting Bangkok this time. Two other tips for would-be travelers to Koh Lipe: 1) there was a 400 tbh charge per person for entry to the national park area (probably mentioned elsewhere on your post) and 2) leaving Koh Lipe at low tide means a longtail boat to the floating speedboat dock, so if necessary, dress for rain, cover bags, and anyone with mobility issues might need to navigate transfer from the boat during some mildly choppy seas. Cliquez sur les icones sur la carte pour obtenir des informations sur leur climat. It seems like flights are at 9am and it would prove difficult to get to the airport that early. The options are endless in Koh Lipe. 2. Do you think taking two days to travel south is worth the trip down here? Nee has been there since 2006 and her food is always good, cheap too! You can access Walking Street right from Pattaya Beach, and Sunrise & Sunset Beach are only a 15-minute walk away. Send us an email if you want more Koh Lipe restaurant recommendations. Koh Lipe, petite île de 4KM², est un paradis caché dans la mer d’Andaman, encore inconnue du tourisme de masse. Once you visit Koh Lipe it’s quickly becomes your favorite island in the world! If you are traveling to Koh Lipe without a reservation it can be a very hectic experience. Hi. The ferry will be smoother that’s for sure, the fast boat can get very bumpy so if you are prone to seasickness I would maybe do the ferry. Hi Amy, Koh Lipe has gotten busier over the years, but we feel still doesn’t feel overwhelmed like some islands. A short video from our last trip showing some of the best Koh Lipe has to offer. Hannah, my husband and I and our 2 boys will be in Thailand this July. I did my open water scuba qualification with Koh Lipe DIving on Walking Street, who are an SSI Diamond Centre. everything that i need is here. It’s however,  pricey compared to other destinations in Southeast Asia. The island has three beautiful beaches. C'est l’île la plus au sud de la mer Adaman. Now I will start reading your other destinations. After diving head back to one of the fun beach bars in Koh Lipe. So your sharing helps me a lot. If you happen to get to much sun make sure to get an after-sun aloe massage to help heal the sunburn and provide a cooling effect. We’ve spent over 3 weeks at Salisa Resort. The exact dates of when the ferries start running again vary year to year. I will be staying at koh lipe for 5days (12th dec- 16th dec). For snorkelling, it is even easier; you can rent the equipment in shops along the beaches and go straight from the shore: there are superb coral reefs just a few metres away waiting to be explored. I’d inquire in person and ask what is the refund policy if you don’t see them. Thanks very informative. You are going to love Thailand! We also head to La Luna for Italian, the food here is really goo and they have gluten free for those who happen to be celiac. Ko Lipe has some of the most spectacular sunsets we’ve ever seen. Rainy season in Thailand can be wet but for the most part you’ll see rain most days for an hour or two, usually in the afternoon – sometimes more. Maybe a problem is that if … Koh Lipe en Thaïlande est une île au sud du pays en forme de croissant de lune, qui se traduit par « île papier » en langage local. Safe travels. What would be our best mode of transport to those island and making our way back to Bangkok? Hope that helps, but if you have any more questions on Koh Lipe let us know! Koh Lipe is a little pricey for things, i notice the prices at 7-11 are a few baht higher than the mainland.

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