Research you have led or made a significant contribution to (making clear what your role was), the research methods you have experience of, and the impact and outputs of the research you have been involved in (linking to details given in your CV). It is helpful to involve patients/service users/carers/members of the public in developing a plain English summary. PROSPERO registration is a condition of NIHR funding for eligible systematic reviews. As such the findings of researchers funded by the programme are incorporated in to the Department of Health and Social Care Freedom of Information Publication Scheme: This type of activity can also be referred to as implementation and implementation research. You should include; the training and development the collaboration will provide; the facilities and expertise you will have access to; and how the collaboration will strengthen links between academia, industry and the NHS/social care. If a cost relates to travel, subsistence or fees for a conference please select ‘conference’. Whilst we anticipate and expect that applicants will get help and advice from various sources when putting together an application, including on occasion input from those previously awarded funding, care must be taken to ensure this does not lead to plagiarism of either published work or other previous applications. Applicants are asked to keep the interview dates available to attend an interview in Leeds. This may involve short visiting placements (e.g. Social care research falls within  the remit and terms of the HRA. Where possible you should include an estimate for any APC in your funding application, since NIHR expects that APCs will be covered by the funding award. This is to take account of the fact that both you, in terms of your CV and experience, and the proposed research will have hopefully developed significantly in this timeframe, Applications deemed fundable but which fall below the funding cut off will not be counted towards the maximum of 2 application attempts. A. These proposals will include plans for undertaking innovative knowledge mobilisation (that is, to support the more effective use of research knowledge) whilst simultaneously researching implementation processes and impacts. The NIHR Academy manages the NIHR Fellowship Programme on behalf of the DHSC. Your patient/service users, carers and public involvement plans will be assessed by the funding Panel including patient/service users, carers and public members. Clear justification for the total WTE requested (between 2 and 5 years), in terms of what the funding will enable you to do (both research and training) and more importantly what the impact of this will be on your career, How the fellowship will be managed over the total duration of the award, taking into account, especially for longer awards; how the research and training programme will adapt to advances in the field, and also how suitable management and governance arrangements will be maintained over the whole duration of the award, Applicants need to identify an eligible Host Organisation which will act as their employer for the duration of the Fellowship. endobj Il est reconnu comme une vraie expérience professionnelle. The investment in research training is not decreasing as a result of these changes. Applicants should contact their local NHS R&D Department initially and, if they are unable to help directly or if there is no local NHS R&D Department, contact their Local Clinical Research Network (LCRN) for advice on NHS Support Costs. Below are the available durations available for NIHR Advanced Fellowships. These are costs that are specific to the research, which will be charged as the amount actually spent and can be supported by an audit record. A. Therefore, where appropriate, you should consider any industry collaborations you may wish to establish during the course of your Fellowship. In your description you will need to say who will be involved and why.Explain why your approach to public/service users, carers and patient involvement is appropriate for this proposal. Estimated NHS Support & Treatment costs or external (not NHS) intervention costs. References: 1 A4 page listing all references cited in the application. The NIHR Academy Executive will consider overseas research visits on an individual basis and reserves the right to limit expenditure. stream Any study that uses observational and applied epidemiological methods should be an evaluation of an intervention itself, or have a clear, credible and articulated trajectory to further research within NIHR remits. High quality outputs from previous research experience and training relative to career stage and background. will be stored separately from your application, only be used for the purpose of monitoring equal opportunities, Development and Skills Enhancement Award: 1 year max regardless of WTE, Bearing in mind you are able to apply for a 2nd Advanced Fellowship after being successful with the first, the ‘clock’ will be reset after you are successful. These may include: IT technicians, laboratory staff, and costs of pooled staff efforts. For Round 4 of the Fellowships Programme (April 2020), the NIHR Academy will be partnering with the following industry partners: At doctoral level, opportunities will be available to propose research in the area of chronic pain, commonly known as persistent pain. If the research you are proposing includes a clinical trial, feasibility study or pilot study, or if your area of research is related to clinical trials, you are strongly encouraged to read the NIHR Clinical Trials Guide for Trainees before starting an application. No. 1 Advanced Fellowship and 1 Doctoral Fellowship. Full details of the support INVOLVE can provide and contact information is available via the INVOLVE website: Advanced Fellowships applicants: please select whether you wish to hold the Fellowship on a full time basis, or part-time basis at 50% WTE or above. The NIHR is an ORCID member and encourages all researchers to obtain this persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher. Do you fund the development of interventions, devices, technologies or services? The deadline for the MRC 2021 DTP competition is 28 January 2021. Travel and subsistence costs relating to dissemination should also be included here, as should costs relating to overseas travel. NIHR Fellowships are individual training awards which will offer funding to cover the salary costs of the individual, their PhD tuition fees (for Doctoral applicants only), and the costs of an appropriate research project and training and development programme. If you don’t fit with one of these areas please contact the NIHR Academy office who will be happy to discuss your proposed application with you. Aucun dossier déposé par un(e) étudiant(e) n’est recevable. Commercial/Other Partner Organisation Indirect Costs. Please click the check box to confirm you agree to the Terms and Conditions of submission as detailed on the application form. For example, costs associated with the use of research facilities, external consultancy costs, computer licensing, recruitment and advertising costs. Researchers and/ or their study teams and Research Sponsor/ Lead NHS Provider (e.g. Thesis projects 2019 proposal ; Practical Information ; 2019 Doctoral contract ; Résultats du concours 2020… Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to indicate whether this or a similar application has previously been submitted to this or any other funding body. If you require any further information, advice or guidance please contact: The following FAQs are designed to help applicants decide whether the research they are proposing as part of a Fellowship or other research training application falls within the remit of the NIHR. Contracts valued at $7.5 million or more are announced each business day at 5 p.m. They will also need to demonstrate substantive links with relevant research expertise in their partner HEI, expertise that will underpin the research component of these awards. Please note the salary figures need to be calculated using the current annual costs, %WTE and number of months. The project title should state clearly and concisely the proposed research. Through innovative practice and systematic study of that practice, the aim is to advance knowledge and understanding about research use, influence and impact. Any requests for support staff over this limit will need to be extremely well justified. Details of all relevant grants obtained in the last five years should be provided, including personal research training awards or Fellowships, plus any additional previous grants relevant to this application. Please note HEI indirect costs cannot be claimed on shared staff costs. Please note that if your study is led from England and involves the NHS in England you should apply for HRA approval. NIHR Acade… In this context, the research support or mentorship role will encompass providing you with support throughout your Fellowship in both your research endeavours and your overall career development. The NIHR is inviting applications to better understand and manage the health and social care consequences of the global COVID-19 pandemic beyond the acute phase. Staff costs should be detailed under the ‘other direct costs’ section. Select the one option which best describes your professional group. We therefore fund research using a wide range of study designs including observational and applied epidemiological methods. If relevant, details of these may be included in the ‘Applicant Research Background’ section. If the research lasts for several years and an individual’s involvement varies over the course, it may be necessary to explain fully in the justification of costs section the % WTE and months per year for an individual staff member. Without it, your application will not be validated and you will not be able to submit. Our purpose for collecting information is to communicate with you about your application and have the necessary information to evaluate you for a grant. 20%) may be allocated to clinical/practice time for service and/or training. NHS SUPPORT AND TREATMENT COSTS (incl. Applicants are strongly encouraged to read the additional guidance for applicants looking to include research and/or research training relevant to clinical trials in their fellowship application, particularly the key skills for competent clinical trialists. ",#(7),01444'9=82. VII) Other Direct Costs. The suitability and potential of the applicant to champion knowledge mobilisation practice and to conduct research into knowledge mobilisation processes/impacts; The potential of the proposed activities to: inform knowledge mobilisation within health and social care settings through new research into knowledge mobilisation; and engage with and influence local knowledge mobilisation activities. The data we collect here is collected in the public interest. The NIHR CLAHRCs (, Candidates from within HEIs will be expected to have significant experience of carrying out and communicating applied health/social care research, and of developing on-going as well as project-specific links with health and social care providers or commissioners, All candidates will need understanding of the research and theoretical underpinnings of knowledge mobilisation practices, and to be able to apply this to the development of a substantial research component in their project, Candidates should develop a training plan that builds on their experience to date and focuses on the areas where they can demonstrate a need for development. This is a pilot call in collaboration with the EME, offering NIHR Advanced Fellowship applicants the opportunity to apply for separate project funding to deliver and gain experience of leading a clinical study. Suitability and experience of research support and mentoring team. For applications where the contractor is an NHS body or provider of NHS or social care services in England, up to 100% of direct costs will be paid, If you are a commercial organisation/consultancy, please fill in direct costs and commercial indirect costs. Do you fund research requiring observational/applied epidemiological methods? NIHR Advanced Fellowships in Knowledge Mobilisation are open to individuals who have significant health/social care and/or academic experience and who can demonstrate that they (a) have the potential to mobilise research knowledge in health and social care settings and (b) can contribute to the research base underpinning knowledge mobilisation activities, In order to support partnership working between Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and publicly funded health or social care bodies, applications must be supported by organisations from both of these different sectors. Relevant previous research experience and/or training suitable for undertaking the research described within the application. Up to 100% of costs will be paid, If you are an other partner organisation (e.g. Knowledge from research that NIHR funds is not always taken up where it is most needed, which limits the realisation of its potential value. Title: Microsoft Word - Application for a doctoral contrat ED GRNE-1.doc Author: Laurence Created Date: 6/2/2020 2:31:22 PM NHS Support Costs are funded via Clinical Research Networks. This can be accessed via: Please give details of the organisation who will be the contractor if the project is funded. They should comprise: I)  Details of posts and salaries. Please state the proposed salary point and scale at the start of the fellowship. NIHR programmes do not usually fund first class travel. If you have worked part time at 60%, and undertook research for half of that time, please enter 30% for that position. The amount of support requested (both financial and duration of the Fellowship) is justified and evidence based. The Research Chair on Beauty studies recruits a PhD student for a 3-year doctoral contract. Individuals are eligible to be awarded up to two Advanced Fellowships sequentially, not normally totalling more than 8 years WTE of funding. Will there be the option to request funding for a support post as part of the Advanced Fellowship and will this be restricted depending on the experience of the applicant, bearing in mind the current Post-Doctoral Fellowship (PDF) doesn’t allow for a support post and the Career Development Fellowship (CDF) does? These costs should be determined in conjunction with your NHS body or provider of NHS services and their commissioners. Les candidatures à un contrat doctoral doivent être envoyées uniquement par voie électronique à l’adresse mail du département : ATTENTION AUX DATES Département de droit comparé: adresse mail [email protected] Appropriate and meaningful patient/service users, carers and public involvement. NIHR definitions of these terms can be found here: Welsh Devolved Administrations Contact Details: Department for Health and Social Services, Website: in common IT packages) are costs that should be covered by the indirect costs element of the award being sought and should not appear in this section. Where staff from more than one HEI are working on the research there may be different indirect/estates charges for each one. �X�"� EgU��P~�%p��,�"/ɪ'n�ث�5ph�.FW�Ֆ9�Ѝ:�-x�����H��M�� �>���qD���~�PY��(��?�6�|��Z[c��V��b�D�u�}y W]>S�g��]�t9�B�*Vք$�`L!JyY^قQ�������B�н ,k`��b�c�r9��R�x��s�${����-R=�pk�����2ܕ9Ъ��ҷ0��&���=")�+�;�ޙ�/�q���'���ӲLs��Y Y^�n�o����7&zVKF��D�Cɽe���E����2s�Gɽ�Tgm�//�I�5m��_����x�*��&ݒ1���3���YQ�:�V>5�C�V��]2C��a]l�tfսE���č�R����gz;�V��B^����o� 4�h����w�ru4Wv���t�d�z�kx���e� This early attribution support will underpin the excess treatment cost management process by providing formal sign off, supporting the role of the research sponsor and lead R&D office or Clinical Trial Unit. The Fellowships have been designed to support people at various points of their development to become leading researchers, from initial pre-doctoral training right through to senior post-doctoral research. The NIHR is also prepared to support high quality research into 'medical education' (defined broadly as education for healthcare providers) and methodological research. Please complete the check boxes as appropriate. Campagne 2020 Contrats Doctoraux Instituts/Initiatives Proposition de Projet de Recherche Doctoral (PRD) Appel à projet ITE - Institut de la Transition Environnementale 2020 Intitulé du Projet de Recherche Doctoral : Adaptagro: Adaptation and mitigation in agricultural … The NIHR is committed to attracting, developing and retaining the best research professionals to conduct people based research and this new Fellowship Programme is key to this. Four different types of Fellowship are available: These guidance notes provide information for individuals and their host organisations looking to submit an application to the Doctoral or Advanced Fellowship. Pieces of equipment costing more than £5,000 to purchase will usually need to be leased. All primary research studies need to be assigned an ISRCTN. How to apply for career development support, Collaborations, service and support for your research, Access facilities for early stage research, Access data, patient cohorts or samples support, Participant in research experience survey,, eligible to apply for the Integrated Clinical Academic programme,,,,,,,, NIHR policy on clinical trial registration and disclosure of results,, briefing notes for researchers on how to involve patients and the public, involvement cost calculator and budgeting guide,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Injuries, accidents and urgent and emergency care - This call seeks applications for research into the prevention, management and treatment of accidents and injuries and other conditions needing urgent and emergency care. Subsistence covers accommodation (if necessary) and meals associated with the travel, excluding any alcoholic beverages. Please note this should be from 1st of the month regardless of whether this is a working day or not. 4 0 obj As such, this scheme is unique in requiring awardees to both carry out knowledge mobilisation and to research the process, thereby contributing to practice and to research knowledge about implementation. The NIHR expects appropriate and relevant involvement of patients/service users, carers and the public and other key stakeholders in the research it supports. Q. Information and resources to assist you can be found on the INVOLVE website (a detailed definition of patient/service users, carers and public involvement in research, briefing notes for researchers on how to involve patients and the public/service users, carers and an involvement cost calculator and budgeting guide). HEI indirect costs are based on the number of full-time equivalent research staff working on the research and the indirect/estates charges set by an institution. Complementing the advice applicants receive from supervisors and/or mentors. postage, stationery, photocopying). Please note that successful applications from applicants based in Wales or Northern Ireland will be managed by their local R&D office. Description of the Chair Run by PSL and financed by L’Oréal corporate sponsorship, the Research Chair on Beauty studies provides Please use this question to detail any employment breaks you wish to make the review Panel aware of. Commercial/Other Partner Organisations should calculate them, using their own cost rates. Information provided here may be subject to Freedom of Information requests. Proposed studies would need to demonstrate the potential for practical application and make clear the potential impact on patients/service users, carers and/or the public. Please give the full details of any completed higher degree(s) and, where relevant, the full details of any higher degree(s) you are currently undertaking.

contrat doctoral 2020

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